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The headache that’s actually a pain in the neck

Most people think of a headache and see it as a sore head and nothing more. While it can feel like the pain originates in your head, it might actually stem from somewhere else. Headache pain is “extremely common” according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). In fact, as many as one in every 20 […]

What could be causing my shoulder pain?

About one in ten people will experience shoulder pain at some point in their lives. Your shoulder is actually made up of several joints, tendons and muscles. It is only through the combination of these that the shoulder can allow the arm such a wide range of motion. However the  price of mobility is instability […]

Paracetamol ineffective in reducing lower back pain

For a number of  years,  a  general practitioner’s most common approach to treating spinal pain was with acetaminophen – better known as paracetamol. However, a recent review states there is ‘high quality’ evidence it is not all that effective. In 2014 and 2015, 16 percent of the Australian population had back problems. A trip to the […]

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction The sacroiliac joint is a joint between the sacrum and the ilium, or pelvic bone. The 2 sides of the sacroiliac joint normally work together. If 1 side becomes stiff, they will not move together and this causes pain or muscle stiffness in the area. Pain is often made worse with walking […]

Acute Low Back Pain

Acute Low Back Pain  The lower back is the area of the spine between the bottom of the ribs and the pelvis. There are five movable lumbar vertebrae with discs in between them. They are supported by strong surrounding muscles and ligaments with spinal nerves existing between each of the vertebrae. The pelvis articulates with […]


Whiplash Whiplash for many can occur when involved in a car accident or by any number of knocks, falls orslips and sports injuries, and can be excruciatingly painful. Many people are shocked to realise that even mild cases of whiplash can happen just by simply turning your head too fast in one direction, being knocked down, […]

World Spine Day -Your Back in Action

World Spine Day is a great opportunity to shine light on spinal disorders and encourage you to take steps to better health. This year the theme is ‘Your Back in Action’, emphasising the importance of healthy spinal posture and activity which promotes body awareness and minimises the day-to-day wear and tear on the spine. Millions […]

Referred Pain Chiropractic 

Referred Pain Chiropractic  Chiropractors are routinely asked ‘What is referred pain?’ You might be experiencing what you assume are minor aches and pains. These could occur anywhere in multiple forms, from tingling pain down the arms or legs to soreness in the hips. Often, the source of these pains is the spine, even when the […]

Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain happens when there is an injury in the coccyx. This pain is also called coccyx pain. The tailbone or coccyx is located at the bottom part of the spinal column. It protrudes the most when you are sitting down. Falling is the most common way to sustain an injury to your tailbone. Many […]

Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet Joint Syndrome, also called facet joint sprain is a common cause of back pain. The facet joints, also termed zygapophyseal joints, are located at the back of the spine. There are two joints at each level, one on either side of the spine. The facet joints are classified as synovial joints and are enclosed […]