Dr Vivek is a friendly and enthusiastic chiropractor who is looking forward to promoting health and well-being through Chiropractic care in the community. Dr Viv studied Chiropractic at RMIT University in Melbourne after completing 6 years in the Royal Australian Air Force.
He is a qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and a Pilates instructor. He has also worked as a sports trainer for Essendon Football Club (2020 season for a month thanks to COVID-19), Fitzroy Starts Football Club (2020 in S&C role, then again bloody COVID-19), Uni Hill Eagles Soccer Club (2018, 2019 in S&C, trainer role), West Preston Lakeside Football Club (2017, 2018 first ever club as a trainer) and recently last year with his adopted little brothers U 17.5 Phantoms Football club for 2021 season, where they won premiership.
If you haven’t yet picked up on it yet, Dr Viv is a very keen sportsman (jack of all sports) and keeps very active. Professionally Dr Viv is an independent Chiropractor who uses a combination of different Chiropractic approaches; Diversified, Gonstead, Drop Piece, Applied Kinesiology and Exercises, to get maximum results.
He is on a little mission for healthy change and very excited to assist members of the Platinum Chiropractic Centre family and looks forward to helping you get well and stay well.