First Visit

New Patient Form

As an allied health provider there is a small amount of paper work that we will need to be filled out before your first appointment. We suggest all new patients arrive at the clinic 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment or to save time you can download a copy of the new patient form and bring it in with you.

Download New Patient form here

What To Expect After Your First Adjustment

All patients heal differently.  People feel many different ways after a first adjustment.  This is because they have different levels of interference affecting different nerves in the spine. You may feel….

Immediate relief

Most patients feel some relief immediately after their first adjustment.  Although you may feel immediate relief subluxations may have existed a long time so several adjustments may be needed before the vertebrae can be restored to correct alignment and normal nerve function returns, allowing your nervous system to be free of interference in your spine.

Minor Discomfort

You may also experience some extra swelling or feel a little “adjustment sore” after your first visit. This will settle down over the first two days.

Know that sometimes you may feel sorer after an adjustment, especially when you begin care. It’s like starting an exercise program. Your unused muscles will get that post-exercise soreness. This is a good sign that you are moving in the right direction, and not an indication to stop exercising. When your spine begins to move better through tailored and specific adjustments, it will alter the surrounding tissues. This can cause some soreness. If you are concerned, speak to us at your next appointment.

Each visit will build on the last.  You should continue to improve after each adjustment and you will be back to optimal health.

Recommendations After An Adjustment

Drink Water – Drink sufficient water. For most people, 2 liters per day will help their body to stay well hydrated and reduce inflammation, muscle spasm and pain.

Walk – Take a 5-10 minute walk after each adjustment.

Choose natural whole foods – Free ranges eggs, vegetables, salads, fruit, nuts and seeds will help you heal faster.

Supplements – Magnesium, fish oil and glucosamine are wonderful for reducing pain and discomfort, and multivitamins and mineral boost healing. We stock premium, professional grade supplements only. Supermarket brands often contain artificial and harmful fillers, and poor quality and ineffective ingredients. To make the most from your supplements, speak to us.

Ice And Fisiocrem – Use ice when the condition is acute and heat only if recommended by your Chiropractor. Fisiocrem can also be applied in areas to relieve discomfort and cool the area which can be purchased at the clinic

Sleep – Be sure to get plenty of sleep to allow your body to recuperate and repair. The body heals itself during sleep time.

Pillow – Your pillow should neither be too high or too low. The ideal pillow is one that supports your head so that the neck vertebrae will be level with the rest of the spine. Orthopaedic pillows are best, ask you chiropractor about our water based supportive pillows

Stick To Your Care The schedule of appointments the Chiropractor sets for you is designed to give you optimal results. On completion of your initial schedule you will receive a progress exam. This is to assess your improvement and suggest new strategies for your care.  We do this to give you individualized care so you can live an optimum life without nerve interference.  Your body is then better adapted to deal with everyday life, such as stress, toxins in our food and environment. Through regular Chiropractic Care our bodies are given the opportunity to self heal free of interference.

Please feel free to ask the Chiropractor any questions and if there is anything you’re not sure about.