Shoulder instability occurs when the shoulder feels like it might slip out of place.

The shoulder joint is too loose and is able to slide around too much in the socket and in some cases the head of the upper arm bone slips out of the socket dislocating the shoulder.

Shoulder instability most commonly occurs following a traumatic incident that partially or completely dislocates the shoulder.

People, especially athletes, who do repeated shoulder motions may gradually stretch out the joint capsule, which will lead to shoulder instability.

A genetic predisposition can lead to ligaments being stretched too easily and not be able to hold the joints in place. All the joints of the body may be too loose and easily dislocated. People with this condition are sometimes referred to as double-jointed.

Symptoms of shoulder instability include pain, arm numbness, soreness and arm weakness.

If not treated, instability can lead to arthritis of the shoulder joint. A Chiropractor can help your shoulder problems through prescribing specific exercises and stabilisation of the area. They can also let you know what types of exercises to avoid to prevent further damage.

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