CLA’s INSiGHT™ scanning technology helps bridge the gap between known advantages of chiropractic adjustments and concrete measurements. Static and Dynamic Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is an essential part in providing a major piece of the puzzle of general well-being by assessing paraspinal tension.

What is sEMG and how can it can support your care?

This technology reads electrical activity (action potential) in order to measure paraspinal tension, similar to the use of electromyography in EKG/heart rate measurement machines.

The electric current pattern is a critical component in how your body functions. The muscles on either side of your spine should be balanced: if they are not working equally well, the body is forced to compensate, which takes energy. This imbalance can monitored by sEMG technology. Alterations in electrical activity in the paraspinal muscles can shed light on the muscular changes linked to vertebral subluxations. As such, chiropractors can use sEMG to establish a baseline for paraspinal electrical activity and neuro-muscular energy expenditure.

With CLA’s sEMG system, your practitioner can read levels of electrical activity for reference during treatment allowing them to assess changes to better determine your outcome. This additional technology is offered at Platinum Chiropractic Centre to extend our services and provide better outcomes to our patients.