Dr Shakira Husain completed her double degree Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Chiropractic at Murdoch University in Perth, WA in 2010. Dr Shakira is passionate about educating families about their spinal health and inspiring them to live to their optimal potential. She started to receive regular chiropractic at an early age of 16 for her daily severe headaches and fell in love with it instantly after realising her daily fatigue and headaches were coming from tension in her spine.

Dr Shakira has nearly 9 years experience Chiropractic in multiple clinics throughout Australia and has also become a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, Kinesiologist and stretching coach over this time.

Dr Shakira has worked in Bundaberg for a period of 7 years and more recently on the Gold Coast for 2 years. She missed the country fresh air and relaxed lifestyle, and hence decided to move to Gladstone with her daughter.

Dr Shakira is an friendly, professional and passionate Chiropractor who is looking forward to promoting the benefits of Chiropractic to the wider Gladstone community.